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Who are the best business speakers in South Africa?

Who are the best business speakers in South Africa?

And by ‘best’ I’m not referring to the ones who are the funniest or quirkiest.

They might not even be professional speakers and they certainly don’t have to be famous.

I’m looking for the ones that deliver the most value.

The ones who always inspire corporate delegates to ‘act differently’ when they return to work.

The ones that are catalysts for positive change in the working environment.

Here are my top choices.

And once you’ve taken a look let me know who is missing and needs to be added immediately!

Rich Mulholland

If you get the chance to watch Rich in action, I promise this.. will never forget that you watched Rich in Action. And that's not because he's covered in tattoos or because he used to be a roadie for Def Leppard or that he has kept his Scottish accent. It's because he uses story-telling to deliver content with impact.


Andrew Baker

I like listening to Andy talk about technology. But where I walk-away with a spring in my step is when he talks about leadership and culture. His views on how to lead, manage and inspire are perhaps the antithesis of what you'd expect from the group CTO of a traditional bank.

If you could adopt just one of his ideas in your organisation you'll be better off.


Nene Molefi

I defy you to listen to Nene talk about diversity and not want to make immediate changes at both a personal and organisational level. Nene's ability to authentically connect with every single participant acts as a powerful catalyst, long after the event has finished.


Anton Musgrave

I've lost count of the number of times I've listened to Anton present. Yet each time I walk out just as inspired as I was the first time I saw him in action, and always with a new idea or thought which I want to try. Futurism at its best. Find out more


Recommended by Stafford Masie

Prof. Shirley Zinn