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Privacy policy


My name is Colin Iles and I am the founder of Innovation Catalysts Pty Ltd.

I set up Innovation Catalysts with the express aim of inspiring curious and courageous leaders around the world to think differently about the world of work.

I do this in several ways.

Firstly, I produce content, such as blogs and vlogs, which I then distribute primarily via mailers and social media channels (such as Youtube, Linkedin, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook).

Secondly, I curate live private and public webinars, with a range of thought-leaders, typically in partnership with third-party organisations.

And thirdly, I consult directly to leadership teams that are interested in exploring how to move from linear to exponential business models and strategies.

In order to offer these services, I do collect and store basic information from anyone that subscribes to any of these services, which typically would include your name, email address, location, job title and company.

This information is helpful in segmenting my subscriber base, so I don't distribute notifications to everyone, when only a subset would find it of interest.

(There is no real point in notifying my Australian subscribers about an upcoming event in South Africa.)

My goto platform for managing my mailers is currently Mailerlite.  One of the reasons I love using them, is they market that they are fully GDPR compliant.  They also make it super simple for any subscriber to unsubscribe with just one click of the mouse.

It goes without saying that I will never sell or share your information to third parties, without your express consent.

One example where I do share your information, is when you have registered for a third-party sponsored webinar.

Huawei's Future of Finance and Deel's Future of Work Series are two such examples.

If you have signed up to these, or similar events, your registration details will be passed on to the event sponsors.  I only work with sponsors that I trust will comply with the appropriate privacy rules.

Huawei Privacy Policy.

Deel Privacy Policy.

Standard Bank Privacy Policy

If you have further questions please do drop me a line at


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