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The Future of Work Series

I'll be asking the Forbes featured, Andreessen Horowitz backed, Deel co-founder, Alex Bouaziz, how he managed to achieve such incredible global growth with a distributed workforce, what the future work-force model looks like and why incumbents that don't transform their staffing models will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

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Image by Jonathan Farber
Colin Iles

Guest lineup
Alex Bouaziz | 
John Wentzel | Lawrence Diamond
Host: Colin Iles

Leadership webinar
Leadership webinar
Leadership webinar

The Story behind the Deel Series

When Lawrence Diamond reached out to me asking for ideas on how to develop a deeper brand presence for Deel in Africa, the idea for a series on the future of work seemed like a match made in heaven for many reasons.

Firstly, Deel is one of the fastest growing saas companies on the planet and they have achieved this with 100% of their staff working remotely.  Who better as a brand to lead a series focused on how work is changing?

Secondly, it was a topic that we felt would attract some incredible speakers from around the world.

And thirdly, we felt it was a topic that prospective clients of Deel would want to listen-in too.

The first two sessions have had incredible feedback from Deel, from the guest speakers and of course from the most important stakeholders - the audience.


How we work has changed. In real-time, we can collaborate on Zoom, design new products, and attend (virtual) events from anywhere in the world.

The one big issue? Tools to hire and pay international teams haven't kept up. International hiring can be messy. With confusing local laws, complicated taxes, and even hefty fines (if you don't get it right). Why does hiring an employee in another country still take months? How do you hire contractors without unintentionally breaking local laws? And why isn't there a great tool for all this?

At Deel, we envision a worldwide workforce that isn’t limited by boundaries, but we needed to change some things to make this a reality. So we went back to the drawing board (our laptops) to tackle these problems and create a tool to enable remote teams to grow.

Deel is the market leader in international payroll and compliance. With $50 million raised from Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Y Combinator, Elad Gil, Nat Friedman, Alexis Ohanian, and Daniel Gross.








From Michael Patterson to Panelists :
"Many thanks Gents. Loved being reminded of the importance of the need for social connection and expression when we peer into the future on workforce models."

Find below excerpts from The Future of Work Series

Who is Alex Bouaziz?
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