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Passive Decision Making Kills Companies. Is it killing yours?

Passive decision making kills companies. Is it killing yours?

In this podcast, I let Gavin Kennedy, the founder and CEO of Solid Gold (the podcast production company that I use), interview me about what passive decision making is and why it is as dangerous to companies as carbon monoxide is to humans.

And of course, I shared a few secrets about how companies can switch from passive to active decision making.

We also ask whether more corporates should try making podcasts and how the answer to this question will change depending on whether you apply passive or active decision making frameworks.

If you don't use Spotify you can also stream this podcast on apple, amazon and most other major platforms. Just click here.


p.s. I originally wrote about this idea of passive v active decision making in The Book Every Business Owner Must Read which is sold by amazon and Exclusive Books.



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