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Are you simply running an innovation theatre?

Are you simply one of the cast in what Tony Saldana, best-selling author of why digital transformations fail, calls innovation theatre?

And what is innovation theatre anyway?

Why is it bad?

How do you identify it?

And if you find you are a member of the cast of innovation theatre, how do you fix it?

I’ll be asking Tony these questions and more in the upcoming iOCO Inspire Series webinar this Thursday.

The iOCO Inspire Series This will be the 15th webinar in the iOCO Inspire Series. The series was developed to inspire leaders to create organisations which are fit-for-purpose in an exponential world.

After this session with Tony, we’ll be taking a short break.

But don’t worry. You can stay inspired by reading my articles on leadership, innovation and strategy by signing up below.

Hope to see you Thursday,




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