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Abundance 360’s Massive Transformative Purpose

Who are Abundance 360?

A360 is a community of leaders and entrepreneurs who have a massive transformative purpose. They want to utilise exponential technologies to make a huge positive difference to the world we live in.

Who founded A360?

Peter Diamandis. According to Forbes 2014, he is one of the “worlds 50 greatest leaders”. Their viewpoint is understandable when you consider he founded/co-founded organisations as diverse as Singularity University, X-prize and Human Longevity.

Peter set himself the Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to “inspire and guide the transformation of humanity on and off the earth”. This is a powerful MTP which gives him the motivation and grit to dedicate himself to showing leaders how they can use exponential technologies to improve lives. Peters various initiatives, including A360, always align to his MTP.

What is a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)?

Salim Ismail describes an MTP in his book Exponential Organisations as a “purpose statement that is audaciously big, transformative and inspirational”. In the book he convincingly argues that the fastest growing organisations of today all have one thing in common – An MTP.

Whats my interest in A360?

My MTP is to ‘increase the number of organisations that have a purpose beyond profit, for the betterment of society’. This is not a charitable endeavour, as evidence abounds that purposeful organisations consistently outperform their solely profit focused rivals.

Having access to the A360 network helps me to deliver on my purpose whilst being able to support the other members to deliver on theirs.

Why am I telling you this?

Firstly, if you want help in developing and/or executing on an MTP, that benefits society in Africa, (particularly in the fields of finance, transport, education, medicine, agriculture and energy), lets connect. I’ll happily act as a conduit to the A360 network to try to find individuals who would be interested in learning more about your MTP.

Secondly, A360 is undoubtably a catalyst for positive change, but it needs more African members. There are a few spots still available for the 2018 programme executive programme. I’d urge anyone with an African focused MTP to apply.


I look forward to feeding back all my learnings from A360. Remember to share, like or comment to increase awareness across your network about A360 and the power of purposeful organisations.

I leave you with a few links where you can learn more about A360, MTP’s and the arguments for a purpose beyond profit.



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