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The 21st Century Leadership Series

Help Your Leadership Team

Thrive In A Exponential World

21st Century Leadership Challenges Your Executives To Try Using The Attributes Of The Worlds Most Disruptive Leaders

Standard Bank
Bounty Brands
Norsad Finance
Korn Ferry
Cell C
Old Mutual
University of Cape Town

Learn more about 21st Century Leadership:


"Colin has incredible expertise delivering keynotes, workshops and labs to transform companies."


Salim Ismail – Founding Director of Singularity University, Author of Exponential Organisations


"Insightful, engaging and always relevant, Colin challenged us throughout to reassess what actions we need to take if we want to remain competitive. What made the experience unique is it wasn’t simply thought-provoking, but it led to us taking away a set of practical actions which we have implemented."


Ted Wilcox – Chief Financial Officer at PepsiCo, Sub-Saharan Africa


Are you frustrated with the typical leadership courses offered by todays business schools?

We are not surprised.  It’s difficult for traditional schools to, well, break tradition.


At Innovation Catalysts, we help teams break conventions and lead using

the new leadership attributes being applied at the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Manet basson.jpeg

"I have seen Colin take an under-performing team where the culture was stagnant and toxic and turn the team around to become challengers, creators and improvers. I have always been very sceptic over the influence one person can have over so many, but Colin proved me wrong."

Manet Basson – Managing Director at FTI Consulting


How Does The 21st Century Leadership Programme Work?

21st Century Leadership focuses on exposing your teams to the leadership models used by the most purposeful, curious and courageous leaders in the world.

There are 7 core elements to every leadership programme...

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Curated Interactive Keynotes

Every session starts with a keynote that has been developed to provoke and inspire attendees to break free from the stereotypical thinking of what leadership is to what it could be.



Facilitated, interactive goal setting sessions

Just because Bezos does this, or Dalio does that, doesn't mean that your team can apply those traits verbatim in your organisation.  Facilitated discussions help attendees develop safe, peer-reviewed test cases, which they can apply at work.

colin iles and stephen van coller.jpg


In-depth fireside chat with topic experts

It's much easier to attempt something when you can talk to someone who's done it before. These firesides significantly increase the chance that ideas are turned into action.

purposeful organisations community group


Access to a private online community group

Every team will have it's own online community group created, where session recordings and material will be made available. It's also a great space for the continued sharing of ideas between the team members.

though leadership articles and videos.png


Thought Leadership articles and videos

Content will be provided after sessions have been completed in order to provoke continued interest in testing the attributes of 21st century leaders. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own idea too.

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Leadership Coaching

Turning ideas into action is 10x easier when you have a sounding board to share your ideas and concerns. We strongly recommend allocating additional hours for 1:1 discussions with our leadership coaches.

Image by Thom Bradley


WhatsApp / Discord / Slack used for 24/7 idea sharing

We don't mind which chat channel your company prefers to use. We just want to encourage your teams to chat. We will set up a chat channel on your preferred platform, so the ideas can continue rolling 24/7.


What Results Should My Company Expect from 21st Century Leadership?


Purpose Driven Teams

who are 100% aligned over what your companies mission is and want to work collaboratively to achieve it.


Courageous Individuals

who are ready to risk standing up to take the sometimes contrarian view to ensure your organisation does the right thing, even when that is difficult.


Accelerated Transformations

in all areas of your organisation as your leadership drive positive change at previously unimaginable speeds.


A Renewed Passion 

and curiosity from your team leaders to explore new ideas that will help your organisation adapt and thrive.


Inspirational Outcomes

as attendees find new ways to inspire their teams to do incredible things at speed and scale.

greg guye.jpeg

"Colin is the perfect catalyst for any company looking to rethink their business strategy, whether the aim is to grow, pivot or protect market share."


Greg Guye - CEO Keyrus South Africa

Stephan Rabe.jpeg

"Just completed a very successful 2 day strategy session facilitated by Colin. His content on Exponential Organisations was inspirational and energising, leading to some great workshop discussions. All-in-all, a very stimulating 2 days that both stretched the mind and provided easy tools for immediate implementation."


Stephan Rabe - Group CEO at Bounty Brands

nahlah davids_edited.jpg

"I learnt more from this single experience than I ever have from the business schools I have attended. Not being constrained by theory, but learning by doing and actually solving real problems that directly impacted me and my team has been invaluable."


Nahlah Davids - Head of Client Relationships at Absa Corporate and Investment Bank

21st Century Leadership is for you if….

You and your teams want to be inspired about how to lead in a world full of exponential risks and opportunities.

You have become frustrated with traditional leaders courses as they focus on to much outdated theory rather than the simple approaches used in hyper-scaling companies.

You believe that regular, short, intense workshops have a better payback than the outdated full / multi-day classroom model.

You want to elevate your whole team simultaneously

You are excited about the idea of creating a purposeful, courageous and curious leadership team than can help your organisation thrive in a fast-changing world.

Here’s what others have said about our approach:


"Colin’s ability to challenge with relevance moves people into an innovation mind set, the key to unlocking growth, both personal and in business."


Allister Langford - Group CEO at Bounty Brands

sisi bucibo.jpeg

"Prepare to be wowed and morphed into a better version of yourself."

Sisi Bucibo - Experience Architect at The Equinox Leadership And Innovation Centre

liora gross.jpeg

"Colin has a unique style and razor-sharp intellect which creates an excellent facilitation approach - incisive with the ability to challenge people to stretch beyond the norm - exactly what is needed for design and innovation." 

Liora Gross - Global Director at the Center for Creative Leadership

The 21st Century Leadership Curriculum


MAY 2022

Purposeful Strategies

Opening Keynote defines what a purposeful strategy is and highlights the advantages that purposeful strategies bring to organisations.  Break-out discussions then focus on your company's purpose, how strongly entrenched it is across the group and whether the incentives are aligned to inspire teams to deliver on it.


JUNE 2022

The Power of Mistakes

Opening Keynote highlights how the X company actively encourages mistakes, as it’s a critical component of innovation and change.  The guest reinforces the message in conversation with Colin.  The group discussion would be set to encourage the team to explore how they can move mistakes from being accidental, hidden and negative to purposeful, visible and beneficial across the group.


JULY 2022

The Pro's and Con’s of Radical Transparency?

Keynote is based around Principles, from Ray Dalio and other similarly transparent organisations. The team conversation would explore the pro’s and con’s of attempting to introduce similar concepts at your company.  Expected actions include identifying opportunities to introduce more transparency.



Accelerated Planning

Keynote highlighting how startups can go from idea to product to scale in the time most corporates take to complete their budgeting and planning cycles.  Discussion to focus on what the benefits of planning cycles are and how they can be reduced to open up the possibility for faster innovation and more adaptability.



Can you manage what you can't measure?

Keynote highlighting how startups can go from idea to product to scale in the time most corporates take to complete their budgeting and planning cycles.  Discussion to focus on what the benefits of planning cycles are and how they can be reduced to open up the possibility for faster innovation and more adaptability.



The Four Hour Week

The four hour work week was made famous by Tim Ferris.  But can the principles he highlighted be applied in large corporates?

The keynote challenges attendees to reassess where they spend their time during the day and to imagine how they’d organise themselves if they only had one day a week to attend to their current responsibilities.  Expectation - Leadership will find ways to automate and delegate more, reassess the cost / benefit of their current decision making and develop a series of actions to increase the time they have available for strategy and innovation.

jack ma.jpeg


Passive v’s Active Decision Making

Passive decision making is the human default and it kills companies.  What is it and how do you change it?  The expectation would be a series of personal decisions from attendees on how they are going to attempt to move from passive to active decision making.  Breakouts would also consider whether a structural change could help people make the switch.



Inspiring Teams At Scale

Keynote introduces the benefits of being able to inspire at scale, but is this a learnable skill?  The expectation is that attendees would set personal goals to develop their ability to inspire at scale.



Managing The Board

This keynote highlights the misalignment that naturally happens between senior leadership (who are designing and executing strategies) and the oversight committees (e.g. board or executive committees).  The expectation is a more definitive set of strategies from attendees on how to manage their key stakeholders.

Image by Bogdan Yukhymchuk


Removing Friction

Keynote and/or discussion with guest exploring how the only goal for any business should be to remove friction.  The irony of course is that most companies have complicated structures in place both internally and externally.  The leadership team would be encouraged to develop two or three initiatives that reduce friction for their staff and/or their customers.


MARCH 2023

Leading in chaos

How do you lead in chaos?  Whether that is due to covid, cashflow, strikes, regulation, technological change.  But how does the leadership approach need to change when the headwinds are against you?  The keynote/opening discussion will explore these themes, before opening up to q&a with the teams.


APRIL 2023

Working backwards

Keynote introduces some of the management techniques that are central to Amazon's success.  Group exercise is to replicate these techniques using specific initiatives that OM is currently focused on.


MAY 2023

Racial Bias

Keynote/discussion on racial bias.  The aim is to help the leadership team understand that we all demonstrate bias and providee practical active ideas around the steps to become more aware of this fact and take active steps to minimise it's impact.

Image by Martino Pietropoli

JUNE 2023

Unconscious Bias

A broader introduction to the various biases we demonstrate on a day to day basis, how this impacts our decision making and steps we can take to reduce the negative externalities of heuristics and rules of thumb.

Image by Susan Q Yin

JULY 2023

Leading without a strategy

The opening discussion covers the what's, whys and hows of corporate venturing.  The group exercises attempt to identify how mature your corporate venturing model is and what steps it can take to increase the utilisation of this key strategic pillar.



Corporate Venturing

Keynote introduces the benefits of being able to inspire at scale, but is this a learnable skill?  The expectation is that attendees would set personal goals to develop their ability to inspire at scale.



Scaling An Intrapreneurial Mindset

The opening keynote/discussion focuses on the benefits of an intrapreneurial mindset. The group conversations focus on what steps OM can take to develop one at scale across the whole workforce.

Image by Dima Pechurin


Your Hidden Power

Keynote/interview about how your power comes from the position within the firm and not your IQ, EQ or even RQ.  And that can create huge issues in terms of hubris, arrogance and ivory tower structures.  Understanding your hidden power can also open up opportunities to create work environments that score five out of five on glass door.  Outcomes include taking active steps to turn these hidden powers into powers for good!


Leadership Series Pricing Options


R30,000 p.m


✔  21st Century Leadership Keynote

✔  Q&A


R50,000 p.m


✔  21st Century Leadership Keynote

✔  Leadership interview

✔  Q&A

✔  90 min breakout session

✔  Access to all course content

✔  Private online community group

* Recommended package


R80,000 p.m


✔  21st Century Leadership Keynote

✔  Leadership interview

✔  Q&A

✔  90 min breakout session

✔  Access to all course content

✔  Private online community group

✔  10 hours of 1:1 innovation coaching          per month

✔  Extra curated content

✔  Whatsapp community group for            24/7 access to colin

Let's Talk

Whether you have already decided you want to enrol your team or you want to find out more, lets talk.

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