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Who are the best business speakers in South Africa?

By November 18, 2020 No Comments

Who are the best business speakers in South Africa?

And by ‘best’ I’m not referring to the ones who are the funniest or quirkiest.

They might not even be professional speakers and they certainly don’t have to be famous.

I’m looking for the ones that deliver the most value.

The ones who always inspire corporate delegates to ‘act differently’ when they return to work.

The ones that are catalysts for positive change in the working environment.

Here are my top choices.

And once you’ve taken a look let me know who is missing and needs to be added immediately!


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The business models that made organisations successful are now becoming their biggest threat in an exponential world. I help incumbents understand these threats and more importantly the changes they need to take to survive and thrive the 4th industrial revolution.

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