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Want your team to innovate faster? Try this!

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Find out what “this” is by clicking here and see Astro Teller in action at A360 2018.

Without question, one of the best leadership related keynotes I’ve seen for a long, long time. If it had been hosted by TedX, it would undoubtedly end up being one of the most viewed.

In this keynote Astro starts by asking…

“If you actually want to win, if you actually want people to take moonshots, you need to be obsessed with why they don’t do the things you tell them to do and understand there’s a basic emotional reason why they don’t do it!”

The advice Astro gives is however not only relevant for leadership teams that want to encourage moonshot thinking.  It is sage advice for leaders that wish to accelerate their existing innovation cycles.

Sincere apologies if your frustrated that I’ve not answered the opening question in this post.  Clickbait perhaps, but I really want to encourage you to check out the video.

You will be asked to enter your email, first and last name.  You may receive some mailers from A360 subsequent to signing up (which is by no means a bad thing as the content is usually interesting).

Two final requests…

Firstly, if you do watch the video, do comment back to whether you found it worthy of watching.  The more opinions, positive and negative, the easier it is for others to decide whether to follow your lead.

Secondly, if your thinking about taking a look, do so soon.  The A360 team indicated this will only be available for a short period of time.  I know not when they will only allow views from paid members, but it’s been available for a month now.  (if you do find the link is not working and/or the video is no longer available please let me know).



The catalyst that enabled us to rethink the innovation dilemma most companies face!

Paul coxCEO, Essential Med

Colin helped our business formulate how a startup would best integrate with a large corporate!

Michael JordaanCEO, Montegray Capital

To have someone like Colin, facilitate with that maverick skill, is so powerful!

Prof. TaylorFounding Director, AIFMRM

Colin ran a thought provoking day at The Equinox, with practical ideas that we have actioned!

Ted WillcoxCFO, Pepsico SSSA

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