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ThinkWTF discuss why leaders use The Equinox

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Innovation is everything in a world of fast and constant change. To get a better handle on this, Brett St Clair and Michael Cowen, co-founders of ThinkWTF, interviewed me as part of their superb podcast series at The Equinox, in Sandton.

For posterity,  we also decided to film it (with by old iPhone 6).

In this 5 min clip we discuss why leadership teams, from a wide range of companies (e.g. Amazon, Pepsico, Altron, BDO and McCain), are finding it easier to develop strategies for an exponential world, outside of their offices at venues like The Equinox.

(Click here to listen to the full interview, where after introducing The Equinox, we go on to discuss the two crucial levers organisations need to pull to build an innovation culture.)

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