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Improve maths literacy in South Africa by 20% with 2 clicks?

I’ve probably rewritten this article 50x and I’m still not happy. It should be simple shouldn’t it? I’d start with something like the following….

“Please share this article about with your network.”

Next I’d start covering the problem statement (“South Africa is ranked last wrt. the quality of it’s Maths education”). I’d then refer to some authoritative organisation to substantiate this claim (see p.172 of wef link).

I’d then highlight the risks if we do not solve this issue (“South Africa will fail to uplift living standards without mathematicians in a digital economy”). I could add some thought leaders comment to collaborate this statement but I think it’s obvious right?

I’d then comment on what clickmaths offers (“ builds on the Khan Academy content to offer >2,000 maths courses, in several local languages. Whats more it’s free and is available both on and offline”).

I’d add some details about their impressive results to date (“kids that have used Click Maths have seen an average grade improvement of 20%”).

I’d then explain how your share will help by highlighting that (“in South Africa there are more than 10+mill kids that could benefit from if only they knew about it!! Your share will increase the chances that headmasters, non-governmental organisations, educational administrators, marketing experts, mobile network operators, tablet providers, internet service providers, translators and learners have the opportunity to contact myself or Click Maths to learn more.”)

And finally I’d sign off by saying (“if anyone wants to connect to learn more, they should just contact me via linkedin or email and/or Click Maths via their their website or email.”)

And if I did all that….I’d wonder how close to 100% of my network would choose to share and/or reach out for more information…..and what the rational was from the few that choose to do neither?

I’ve got a few ideas on the decision biases here but you’ll have to wait for the next post….


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