Colin Iles

I believe that organisations with a purpose beyond profit, will not only bring greater benefits to society as a whole, but will also outperform their competitors exponentially.

Colin Iles has 20 years of experience working for some of the top global consultancies and financial institutions in London, Frankfurt, Singapore and most recently South Africa.

Throughout his career Colin has focused on designing and implementing solutions that bring positive benefits to the communities and stakeholders the organisations serve.

His specific focus in his own words…“Most organisations develop and execute strategies that are no longer appropriate to deal with the existential threats that disruptive technologies bring. It’s incredibly satisfying working with today’s leaders to design models that allow them to adapt and win in this exponentially changing world.”

Whether presenting, facilitating or consulting, Colin mixes his professional experiences with humour, deep research and razor sharp intellect to ensure his audiences stretch their thinking as to where the real threats lie, and whether their organisation, their division or their teams are equipped to deal with these threats.

Outside of running his own consultancy, Colin is CxO of the Barclays Equinox Leadership Centre, is deputy chair of the African Institute of Financial Markets Risk Management, is currently mentoring a number of startups and is currently building an app to reduce the administrative burden for B2B transactions.